Tea Tree Oil for Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a skin condition wherein some cracks are developed in and around the corners of the mouth. Dry skin around the oral region can be another symptom.  If neglected, these cracks could start looking ugly due to the formation of the pus in the lesions. The causes of angular cheilitis is primarily due to Vitamin Deficiency, ill-fitting dentures, diabetes, paralysis in elders while in children the main cause is malnutrition and consumption of unhealthy food. The habit of licking the lips also is instrumental in inviting angular cheilitis infection. The manifestation of angular cheilitis could be either due to bacterial infection or a fungal infection or a combination of both.

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The infection can be on the either side of the mouth and can be very painful when the mouth is opened and closed for conversation, eating or drinking. Even if your own finger touches the cracks, you might wince with pain. At times, certain patients develop a crack in the lip and whenever anything touches that area, the whole of the lip burns as if on fire. Here too, it is possible that there could be formation of the pus, which is rather a delicate and a dangerous condition. Not only that it hurts to be affected due to Angular Cheilitis, it disturbs your social and family life terribly. People look at you in a weird manner as they form an opinion that there is something seriously wrong with you and this lets you down beyond imagination.

As soon as the cracks and / or lesions are noticed, the first thing that you should do is consult a medical professional who can examine and determine the exact cause and extent of the infection.  Depending upon the nature of infection and the causes behind it, doctors prescribe the medicines which are usually expensive but effective. Over-the-counter-medications are available too, but a layman using these medications can not be without side effects. Some home remedies are also available for you to use and these are relatively safe since these will not spoil the case and there will hardly be any aggravation.

One of the best and time tested home remedy available in the market is Tea Tree Oil. This oil has proven anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well. Application of this oil on the cracks and lesions will not only reduce the infection and pain but will also cure the lesions of the pus very effectively. It is surprisingly quick in its action. For faster and lasting results, Tea Tree Oil mixed with coconut oil should be applied on the affected area, together with Vitamin B-12 supplements. Some researchers however, have warned against oral intake of Tea Tree Oil.

On a separate note one should take the following steps:

1)      Healthy diet would provide the most nutritious support to the body

2)      Oral hygiene like keeping the oral area free of saliva will be very helpful.

3)      If you have dentures, make sure that they are correctly fitted and there are no gaps allowing saliva to accumulate near the corners of the mouth.

4)      Do not lick the oral area as it will allow the moisture to remain and allow infection to strengthen.