Severe Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a condition wherein you have cracks or lesions around your mouth, especially at the corners. Normal cracks disappear in three to four days. In some cases however, the cracks last for a longer time and are so painful that any movement of the mouth or more precisely the lips, be it talking, eating or drinking, would bring tears to your eyes. The pain would subside when there is no oral movement. If there is fungal infection with bleeding or pus formation and if the scars or lesions start looking ugly, such cases can be classified as Severe Angular Cheilitis.

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If you feel that the cracks have not disappeared even after three days, it is time to go to a doctor, if you have not done it already. It is better to have yourself examined thoroughly, as the angular cheilitis symptoms resemble symptoms of herpes and cold sores, at least to a layman. If the cracks and lesions are looking ugly, it means there is something seriously wrong and immediate medical help is a must.

Instead of wondering as to what could be the probable cause, it is advisable to allow the doctors to examine you and decide and prescribe the right medication. Mind well, the angular cheilitis symptoms could be completely superficial and the real cause could be something you can not feel and see.

The more the delay in visiting a doctor, the more are the chances that angular cheilitis would go worse and you would have a terrible look. The lesions could go out of control and span of treatment will get extended unnecessarily.

Doctors would immediately ask you to go through the pathological test if they feel that there is some other reason for you having got the infection. Ordinarily, the three days is the time, the infection would be present and the line of treatment for such patients is pretty simple.

Since the angular cheilitis could be a result of bacterial infection or fungal infection or at times the combination of both, the medications will vary and doctor would be inclined to treat the root cause first, while simultaneously prescribing some mild creams or ointments to ease the pain created due to cracks around the mouth.

As a patient, you need to follow doctor’s advice, as otherwise lesions could stay for a long time and turn ugly with bleeding and resulting in pus formation. It must be remembered that delay or neglecting the issue can make you repent later and your social and family life could be at risk. Your friends will start giving you a weird look and suspect that you are suffering from some terrible disease and your confidence would touch a greater low.

On the other hand, if you tackle this issue right away by visiting a doctor and do what he says, you will save yourself a great deal of anxiety and will suffer less. Your routine life will not be compromised and you shall carry out your family, social and commercial duties without any hindrance.

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