How to Treat Mild Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis when contacted starts off on a mild note. Symptom such as a single or solitary crack at the corner of the mouth on one side appears and then is followed by more cracks on the either side of the mouth. As the mouth and its vicinity is a sensitive area, even a single crack could be very painful. We can term angular cheilitis mild when the cracks appear and vanish within a couple of days. Cracks will normally not assume dangerous proportions in mild angular cheilitis and do not look ugly with the passage of time or do not get converted in lesions which bleed or have pus formation in them. In any case, it is better to discuss your problem in the initial stages itself with a medical professional so that he offers you the timely guidance as to how to cure your problem.

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If the aforesaid cracks come and go away in a short period of time, you may consider it to be a case of mild angular cheilitis. Such cases can be treated as follows:

1)      Increase intake of B-12 vitamin supplements, as mild angular cheilitis is mostly attributable to B-12 deficiency. It so happens that our usual food intake does not sufficiently provide this vital vitamin and many health problems arise due to the deficiency of B12. Please approach a reputed pharmacy if you are buying B12 and do not compromise for a cheaper or unknown brands.

2)      Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated at all times. A well hydrated constitution does not allow problems arising due to internal dry skin and supplies essential minerals automatically. When drinking water, ensure that the water is properly filtered.

3)      Some people have this habit of licking their lips involuntarily. It happens to speakers who need to speak for hours together. It also a trait of people who are shy or nervous. Try to cultivate this practice of not licking the lips and area surrounding your mouth, because this habit always keeps the area damp and that becomes the breeding ground for bacteria or fungus or both.

4)      If there is any accumulation of saliva in the oral region keep a dry paper tissue handy to dry it off. Use a different tissue each time. This way you shall maintain your oral hygiene to the maximum extent possible.

5)      Avoid fast food and eat healthy food. Include green leafy vegetables in the diet. Have more salads. Consume fruits whenever possible. Healthy food is the key to remove the vitamin and nutrients deficiency from the system and keep you in good shape by building up your immune system to fight many ailments on its own. Remember, if you have good immune system, your body has a perfect system to fight ailments in the initial stage itself.

6)      Do not try medications on your own initiative as a wrong choice may aggravate your problem and you could experience more problems than you already had.

7)      Try to use a known moisturizer each day so that your skin gets the required nutrient.

8)      If the symptoms of angular cheilitis does not go away, consult a dermatologist quickly.