Chronic Angular Cheilitis Treatment using Home Remedies

Having contacted Angular Cheilitis is bad enough as it disturbs your social image as the cracks and lesions around the mouth are plainly visible and painful at the same time. In addition to the infection being painful when your mouth tries any activity, the cracks and lesions with fungal appearance is looked at by people around you with suspicion and apprehension. This particular aspect will make you emotional and will let you down morally and beyond tolerance. In such an event even the closest family will have almost deserted you and your personal life will go for a toss.

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This kind of embarrassing situation can get extended beyond the normal infection-lasting of time of three to four days, which is when Angular Cheilitis can be classified as ‘Chronic’. There are cases where the infection returns periodically especially if the patient lives in an area where the weather is extremely cold. This is not to say that Angular Cheilitis affects every one living in colder areas around the world. Let us put it this way-‘Angular Cheilitis gets aggravated in cold weather’.

If it is noticed that the Angular Cheilitis is of a recurring nature, it is advisable to visit a doctor and allow him to decide the causes and treatment. Most creams and ointments will take care of Angular Cheilitis symptoms and the cracks would vanish in two to three days, only to return after a week or so. At this point it is a debatable point and time to decide whether the cause is from ‘ within’.

We would suggest that instead of stopping the symptoms each time the cracks surface out, it is better to adopt a treatment that will ensure that the symptoms do not re-occur. In order to do that we need to examine the causes that brought Angular Cheilitis to you in the first place.

The Causes:

1)      Improper diet and eating habits which are not nutritious enough. Eating fast food is a major culprit.

2)      Dehydration: Not drinking enough water.

3)      Vitamin Deficiency.

4)      Ill-fitting dentures.

5)      Habit of licking lips involuntarily.

6)      Patients suffering from diabetes. Paralysis.

All the above conditions allow saliva to accumulate in the vicinity of mouth and the resultant dampness gives rise to bacteria and fungus to form which results in angular cheilitis.

If after initial cure the person does not overcome the aforesaid traits or improve upon the deficiencies, Angular Cheilitis may reoccur and result in having it in chronic form.

What a patient should do to avoid repeat attacks is as follows:

1)      Add nutritious food items and avoid fast food totally.

2)      Drink plenty of water so that the body is kept well hydrated at all times.

3)      Add vitamin supplements through doctor’s intervention.

4)      If you have dentures, visit your dentist to ensure that they are properly fitted.

5)      Stop licking your lips completely and force yourself not to do it and curtail that habit.

6)      Patients suffering from diabetes or paralysis should be given proper care to keep the oral area dry at all times.

7)      Apply Vaseline or doctor recommended creams to the affected areas.

With the above corrections, it is less likely that there will be a repeat attack of Angular Cheilitis.