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Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Review


Jason White has researched the method of permanent treatment for Angular Cheilitis which is posted on the following website:

Angular Cheilitis is an infection caused by bacteria. The possible reasons could be malnutrition, insufficient supply of vitamins to the body and /or excessive yeast consumption. Unclean hygiene and poor living conditions may be other causes. In some cases, the root cause could be ill-fitting dentures which make the saliva ooze from the mouth and reside in the region of the mouth inviting bacteria and help the bacteria to multiply in the damp region.

If you have contacted ‘Angular Cheilitis’ by any chance, you would have the following symptoms:

Lesions or cracks on the corners of the mouth, at times the cracked lips. You would have burning sensation when anything like your own finger, food or drink touches the cracked lips, so much so that you will feel as if the lip is on fire. You may even have a coated tongue in case of some patients.

The lesions or cracks actually look ugly and spoil your social status quickly so much so that you shall be ashamed to meet with your friends. At times the symptoms are taken to be a result of cold sores or HIV. Let it be clearly understood that Angular Cheilitis is not contagious, contrary to the popular belief.

A doctor must be consulted to find what the ailment is so that the exact cause is known. What will now follow is a bunch of creams and pot full of tablets and pills, which are not only expensive but are unnatural too. These would also give a lot of undesired side-effects for which you would be required to gulp a few more tablets, so that the side-effects are taken care of. The treatment will not even prevent repeated outbreaks of the infection.

Jason White’s method of treatment in form of a digital e-book has proved to be a legitimate one and can be regarded as a valuable contribution to the host of treatments available on the disease. This can be viewed from the testimonials posted on his website, where a number of patients suffering from Angular Cheilitis have put forth their honest post-treatment views. In addition, he offers a sixty days guarantee, in the unlikely event, if you are not satisfied. This e-book gives you a step-by-step guidance for a natural and permanent cure. What is more, you could treat yourself in your own house. The testimonials prove that this method actually works and has helped many patients who turned to it after trying many other treatments and were astonished with the results. Many people who used this line of treatment say that the ingredients which are suggested by Jason White are easily available and you spend a very small amount on procuring them. One of the users has said that this was the best thing he ever did while fighting Angular Cheilitis ever.

The offer that Jason White is quite attractive because he has covered some more topics for you which are bundled together with the e-book and you shall really get value for your money by purchasing it. If you are really interested in curing your Angular Cheilitis for ever, do not hesitate to buy this book.

Angular Cheilitis Natural Remedies

 How will you know that you are suffering from Angular Cheilitis? Do you have cracks, lesions or cuts at the corners of your mouth? Do you have a cracked lip or a cut on them? Surely then, you have this situation called Angular Cheilitis. No, there is no reason to panic- This skin disorder is ugly to look at but certainly not fatal or life threatening. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not even related to or on account of herpes, cold soars or HIV.

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Known causes are Malnutrition, insufficient supply of iron and important vitamins, ill-fitting dentures or other health conditions such as diabetes, paralysis to name a few. We have some very simple natural remedies for you which will solve your problems and reduce your anxiety.

1)      As a first step cut down sugar from your diet as much as possible.

2)      Keep the area near your mouth clean and dry, as wet or moist skin is the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria-a known cause of Angular Cheilitis.

3)      Rinse your mouth after every food in-take with water and better still gargle with any medicated mouthwash.

4)      Pierce a hole in a vitamin E capsule, apply it on the lesion directly and let it remain for a while-applying it before going to bed is recommended.

5)      Make a mixture of Baking Soda with coconut oil or Vaseline and apply it on the cuts at night.

6)      Daily intake of Vitamin B will be of immense help too.

7)      Increase in-take of water to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

8)      Tea Tree Oil is an effective medicine as it is anti-bacterial and disposes off any bacteria present on the skin. Apply this directly on the affected skin.

9)      Application of olive oil on the affected skin will reduce the sores and cuts to a great extent.

10)   If you are using dentures, make sure that they are properly fitted. If not saliva could be accumulating in the area of your mouth and can give rise to angular cheilitis. See your dentist right away and let him correct the issue. If the dentures are removable, soak them in any antiseptic solution every night. Use mouthwash before and after removing the dentures.

11)   Application of lip balms will provide relief to the burning lips, though it would be a temporary measure.

12)   Some people bite their nails or a host of other objects as a habit-stop this dangerous habit completely.

13)   Junk or fast foods have plenty of fats and should be stopped if you are suffering from angular cheilitis off and on. Switch on to a healthy diet. Add plenty of green vegetables and fruits (as these contain the necessary nutrients) to your diet and resist the onset of angular cheilitis before it attacks you. Throw out anything in your diet that is known to be made using yeast.

14)   People in many countries can and have been using herbal remedies which are perfectly natural for ages and are known to be very effective.

From the above discussion, it will be seen in how many different ways, we could fight angular cheilitis and that too safely.

Best Treatment for Angular Cheilitis Cure

Angular Cheilitis is an embarrassing and painful skin disorder which is caused mainly due to malnutrition apart from many other reasons such as:

1)      Vitamin B-12 Deficiency.

2)      Infection due to consuming yeast.

3)      Iron Deficiency.

4)      Improper dentures.

5)      People with shifted jaws due to paralysis.

The lesions and cracks on the corners of your mouth are so clearly visible that people around you will keep staring at you. While you are already feeling low due to the cracks, the constant observance by others will make you feel even more embarrassed. You will never feel like going out and meeting your friends again. Your sexual life could take a severe hit if your partner misunderstands. Some may even tell you that the symptom looks like one in case of Sexually Transmitted Disease, cold sores or even HIV, which could be yet another reason for depression. This is just awfully wrong information. In addition to this, you have pain while opening and closing your mouth, pain and burning sensation when your own finger, liquid or solid food touches the cracks. When there is a crack on the lower lip, any food or liquid intake hurts. Lip sores and wounds or lesions oozing blood are especially frightening. You may even have a whitish coating on your tongue.

The people around you will scare you and the normal tendency is to worry about the ailment. One needs to keep in mind that this is not a condition emerging out of any skin disease.

Tired of all this, you are bound to seek for a solution desperately. Instead of worrying, better see a doctor who will tell you the exact nature and the extent of your problem. You may also have a look at the precautions which have been listed out in the following spaces:


1)      Keep the area near your mouth dry and clean by using a tissue paper or a paper napkin. Cleaner the are, less are the chances of your getting an infect such as Angular Cheilitis.

2)      Eat well and adopt a balanced diet rather than getting attracted to fast food.

3)      Brushing your teeth after every meal is a good habit, this way the areas near your mouth also are cleaned automatically.

4)      Keep away from sugary foods as far as possible-sugar helps bacteria to build up its empire around the affected areas.

5)      Meet your dentist and ensure that the dentures have been correctly fitted.

We also suggest you to go through the experiences Jason White went through as he suffered due to Angular Cheilitis for almost 10 years and then did a lot of research on the alternative medicines. He then jotted down a definitive and fast treatment on his website: This website shows you how to eradicate Angular Cheilitis within a relatively short period of time, by using inexpensive alternate remedies, avoid doctors’ fees,  expensive creams, ointments, antibiotics etc. which will give a you a lot of side effects. After you have treated yourself with the medication suggested by him you will be able to mingle with your relatives, friends and colleagues without any inferiority complex. The angular cheilitis will not bother you anymore and your skin around the mouth will look normal again.

Angular Chelitis Home Remedies

Angular Chelitis is caused due to bacterial infection and as a result the corners of mouth get cracks or lesions which are painful to touch. When any substance, be it food, liquid or even your own finger touches that area, you will experience burning sensation and pain. The reason is that the skin near the mouth opens up a bit and tiny wounds are visible. At times the lips get cracked are equally painful to touch. These are not blisters but small scars which really make you wince while opening and closing your mouth. At times movement of lips is so painful that your eyes will start watering due to sudden pain or burning. This is not a contagious disease contrary to the popular belief. The fears or rumors are not completely baseless, as syphilis and AIDS have similar symptoms. It must also be remembered that Angular Cheilitis is not a life-threatening disease.

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Causes: Vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition are known to cause Angular Cheilitis.


1)      Keep the vicinity of mouth dry and clean.

2)      Rinse the area with hand-wash liquid and soak it dry using a paper tissue or paper napkin. Apply Vaseline or any antiseptic cream.

3)      Brush your teeth after you have your food (and you will naturally rinse your mouth and skin around the mouth)

4)      Reduce intake of sugar and foods or fruits containing sugar. Alcohol should be avoided completely since the brews have large sugar content.

5)      Keep away from foods using yeast. As we all know, yeast is a kind fungus and can increase or aggravate symptoms of Angular Cheilitis if already present.

6)      Avoid junk or fast foods.

7)      People wearing dentures should make sure that the dentures are a perfect fit. This will help in a way you can not imagine.

Home Remedies:

The nature has provided us with plenty of home remedies which are easy to use and are inexpensive in the first place. These home remedies do not have any side-effects and thus are safe for use by any human being, irrespective of the age group they belong too.

1)      Take Vitamin B12 supplements regularly. It does not harm you in any way.

2)      Apply Vitamin E gel whenever possible to leave the lesions softer. Petroleum Gel could also very useful when applied over the affected areas-the application will prevent the cracks developing in other adjoining areas.

3)      If possible take Zinc and Iron supplements.

4)      Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the lesions. Intake of Aloe Vera juice can also be of great use.

5)      Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are extremely useful and purify the blood.

6)      Drink plenty of water and keep your system sufficiently hydrated. The presence of enough water will obviate many health problems including Angular Cheilitis.

7)      Maintain a balanced diet all along and the chances of getting affected with Angular Cheilitis will be minimized.

8)       Rub a slice of onion on the affected areas to find quick relief from lesions and cuts.

9)      The bedroom should be properly humidified.

Just by adopting the above tips, you could easily prevent agony that can be caused by Angular Cheilitis effectively.

Angular Cheilitis Cure with Nystatin

A skin infection due to which cracks are developed on the corners of your mouth is termed as Angular Cheilitis. Initially the skin becomes dry and slowly cracks develop. These cracks can turn into lesions which may modify into blisters if not treated in time. There would be sharp stabbing pain when you open or close your mouth for talking, eating or drinking. The pain may subside when the mouth is closed but the feeling of pain continues for a while. In addition to this, the lips may be chapped, scaly or develop a crack in the center which burns terribly. Gradually the blisters may develop pus in them-this is a very delicate condition as it involves the mouth which is used for intake of food, water and other beverages. You will shudder to think that the mouth which is being used for eating or drinking has blisters on it, possibly with pus, which itself sounds unhealthy and ugly.

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Apart from the pain and agony arising out of the infection, it is your own family and the society which looks at you strangely and with suspicion. The reason for their suspicion is not completely unwarranted because somewhat similar symptoms may be seen if one has contacted HIV and people naturally imagine such things first. There would be a lot of advices and the immediate thing one should do is consult a doctor who only could identify the real problem and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Earlier Fungicidin used to be prescribed to treat most fungal infections and yeast infections. Of late the same drug has been named Nystatin. Nystatin is known to be toxic and has been formulated for oral consumption and for external application in the form of cream on infected skin. Some researchers maintain that it should not be administered to infants aged less than a month. On the brighter side, Nystatin has used for a bunch of fungal infections with encouraging results when administered orally and has not been known to create any complications while it kills the fungi. Many formulations are available around the globe with different brand names by different companies. Nystatin is available for use in the form of tablets, capsules, liquid, powder, lozenges and cream suitable for various applications. Angular cheilitis patients can use this drug with doctor’s advice to combat this irritable skin infection. One has to be careful not to exceed its use more than the prescribed dosage.

It will not be out of place to mention that along with this line of treatment, the following important measures must be adhered to:

1)      Good oral and overall hygiene. Do not allow saliva to accumulate in the vicinity of your mouth by keeping the area dry. Use soft tissues to absorb it.

2)      Consuming healthy food. Adding fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet.

3)      Stop licking your lips.

4)      Take supplements of B 12 and iron.

5)      Make sure your dentures are properly fitted.

6)      Avoid foods know to be containing yeast.

With the above care and administration of Nystatin, your symptoms of Angular Cheilitis would disappear quickly.

Angular Cheilitis Canesten

Angular cheilitis is an irritating skin condition which bothers the patient for the entire period it exists. The pain it slaps on you is at times bearable but not the looks you get from the people around you. Perhaps, the people make you constantly aware that you have this particular infection because your face shows it. The signs are evident-for instance, cracks or lesions around the corners of the mouth, chapped lips, scaly and dry skin near the mouth etc. bleeding from lesions, redness around the oral area and pus formation-if this condition develops then the face looks very ugly. Vertical split on the lips is another painful symptom which troubles you each time you try to eat or drink. Mere touch with your finger can also be painful.

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There are many causes such as dribbling of saliva over a long period of time, incessant cold weather, vitamin B-12 and iron deficiency, loosely fitting dentures, habit of licking the lips with your tongue, unhealthy food habits, less than sufficient in-take of water, diabetes and paralysis and other problems associated with old age. In children, angular cheilitis could be mainly due to malnutrition and unhealthy living conditions. Yeast is another possible cause of angular cheilitis infection. In this article, we are going to study the line of treatment of Angular Cheilitis due to Yeast with the help of Canesten.

The brand Canesten Cream 2% Thrush 20gms is considered to be very effective in treatment of Angular Cheilitis in addition to its ability to act in treating many other skin conditions. The formulation of Canesten is based on Clotrimazole and is essentially an anti-fungal cream. It works equally in men, women and children alike. The action of 2% is better than 1% in most conditions. It arrests the overgrowth of fungi due to yeast intake resulting in skin diseases affecting many areas of the body. Even the chronic presence of angular cheilitis also has been cured after use of this cream, that too swiftly. The patients have reported that the cracks and the redness vanished in a span of three days. It is however advisable to continue its use for yet   another week to ensure that there is no re-occurrence of the infection. Another patient has mentioned that this cream be used as an external application and it should be supplemented with some oral medication which can act against yeast related infection. Of course, it goes without saying that any treatment that is chosen should be with your doctor’s approval to avoid having some other problems at a later date. It may be of use to the potential buyers of this cream to know that this product is manufactured by Bayer, Germany. If the symptoms persist, it may be best to change the course of treatment after consulting a dermatologist.

If you do not wish to be a victim of angular cheilitis, make sure that you observe the following:

1)      Eat healthy foods. Diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.

2)      Drink sufficient water.

3)      Do not lick your lips.

4)      Keep the oral area clean by using a fresh tissue each time you feel that there is accumulation of saliva.

5)      Add vitamin supplement like B-12 and iron.

6)      Use proper dentures.

7)      Avoid consuming food consisting yeast.

8)      Visit the doctor if you see any unnatural development near your mouth.

Angular Cheilitis Anti-Fungal Cream

Angular Cheilitis is a clinical name for the anti-fungal or anti-bacterial infection that causes cracks at the corners of our mouth. The cracks are very painful when you try to open your mouth for speaking, drinking liquids or eating food. The pain caused due to angular cheilitis infection is sharp and may be absent when there is no oral activity Generally this infection will be active for a couple of days; there are many cases, however which turn out to be complicated. The cracks get converted in sores and scars where there is a formation of pus. The whole oral area will start looking ugly and you would become edgy and irritable. There could be reddishness or the whole area will be itchy. The people around you will pose questions and will keep staring at your face and try and communicate that you have contacted some serious disease and naturally many advices will follow.

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It is recommended that you show your symptoms to medical professional so as to get an early treatment. If the doctor identifies it as Angular Cheilitis, there is no reason you should be worried but it necessary to have the infection treated as early as possible. The doctor will naturally choose a cream that is suitable for your problem depending upon whether the infection is bacterial or fungal or a mix of both. If it is found that fungi  has been residing in the lesions, it is a safe bet to use or recommend anti-fungal creams.

1)      The start up treatment is with an anti-fungal cream called Clotrimazole. After an hour you need to apply 1% hydrocortisone.

2)      Next alternative is to use a cream with hydrocortisone and iodoquinol as ingredients.

These creams are available over-the-counter in any pharmacy. It is necessary to use these creams till the pain, reddishness vanishes. The applications may range from two to four times a day depending upon the depth of infection.

In the process of application of the above creams, it is necessary to maintain the following discipline:

1)      Keep the area near mouth as dry as possible i.e. saliva should no accumulate at the corners of the mouth; If there is such an accumulation use fresh tissues to absorb and clean it periodically.

2)      Do not lick the oral area – stop this habit. The moisture due to saliva remains on the lips or at the corners of the mouth and encourages bacteria to develop and multiply,

3)      Avoid consuming yeast based food items.

4)      Eat healthy food. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

5)      Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

6)      If you have dentures, please ensure that they are of the proper size and shape. Ill-fitting dentures will allow saliva to accumulate near the corners of your mouth and this is how the bacterial or fungal infection will manifest itself.

7)      Patients suffering from diabetes and paralysis have to be very careful as the drooping jaws will allow saliva to leak out and accumulate at the corners of the mouth.

8)      Angular Cheilitis often affects you in severely cold climate. If you are a native of such a region, try to be in warmer surroundings by using a fireplace or electrically operated heaters.

9)      Use lip balm if the lips are chapped or parched or have a vertical split. The balm would provide the necessary moisture to the lips.

Tea Tree Oil for Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a skin condition wherein some cracks are developed in and around the corners of the mouth. Dry skin around the oral region can be another symptom.  If neglected, these cracks could start looking ugly due to the formation of the pus in the lesions. The causes of angular cheilitis is primarily due to Vitamin Deficiency, ill-fitting dentures, diabetes, paralysis in elders while in children the main cause is malnutrition and consumption of unhealthy food. The habit of licking the lips also is instrumental in inviting angular cheilitis infection. The manifestation of angular cheilitis could be either due to bacterial infection or a fungal infection or a combination of both.

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The infection can be on the either side of the mouth and can be very painful when the mouth is opened and closed for conversation, eating or drinking. Even if your own finger touches the cracks, you might wince with pain. At times, certain patients develop a crack in the lip and whenever anything touches that area, the whole of the lip burns as if on fire. Here too, it is possible that there could be formation of the pus, which is rather a delicate and a dangerous condition. Not only that it hurts to be affected due to Angular Cheilitis, it disturbs your social and family life terribly. People look at you in a weird manner as they form an opinion that there is something seriously wrong with you and this lets you down beyond imagination.

As soon as the cracks and / or lesions are noticed, the first thing that you should do is consult a medical professional who can examine and determine the exact cause and extent of the infection.  Depending upon the nature of infection and the causes behind it, doctors prescribe the medicines which are usually expensive but effective. Over-the-counter-medications are available too, but a layman using these medications can not be without side effects. Some home remedies are also available for you to use and these are relatively safe since these will not spoil the case and there will hardly be any aggravation.

One of the best and time tested home remedy available in the market is Tea Tree Oil. This oil has proven anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well. Application of this oil on the cracks and lesions will not only reduce the infection and pain but will also cure the lesions of the pus very effectively. It is surprisingly quick in its action. For faster and lasting results, Tea Tree Oil mixed with coconut oil should be applied on the affected area, together with Vitamin B-12 supplements. Some researchers however, have warned against oral intake of Tea Tree Oil.

On a separate note one should take the following steps:

1)      Healthy diet would provide the most nutritious support to the body

2)      Oral hygiene like keeping the oral area free of saliva will be very helpful.

3)      If you have dentures, make sure that they are correctly fitted and there are no gaps allowing saliva to accumulate near the corners of the mouth.

4)      Do not lick the oral area as it will allow the moisture to remain and allow infection to strengthen.

Baking Soda for Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is known to be very painful due to the cracks on the corners of the mouth and lesions in the vicinity of the mouth. Any shape you may want your mouth to take, it will only result in more and more pain and you will keep worrying as to what could be the exact cause of the problem. You try to speak, eat, drink or even touch the affected area with your fingers you shall experience excruciating pain which may subside soon after you close your mouth. At times there could be mild bleeding from the lesions or cracks also.

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> Read Testimonials of Successfully Curing Angular Cheilitis .

Angular cheilitis is basically a fungal infection or a bacterial infection or a combination of both. Some of the causes could be listed as follows:

1)      Vitamin Deficiency: Wrong eating habits such as untimely food in-take and choice of fast food or poverty-stricken people especially the kids are more affected.

2)      Iron Deficiency: Non-awareness of the nutritional value in the ingested food where the important elements such as iron are completely neglected.

3)      Dehydration: People who do not drink enough water for a long period of time. Water content in the body is very essential and people who hardly drink water till they are very thirsty are the ones who get dehydrated.

4)      Improper dentures: If the dentures are not correctly fitted the saliva oozes from the corner of the mouth and that can be a breeding ground for the bacteria.

5)      Existing diabetes condition.

6)      Victim of Paralysis: Drooling mouth and shifted jaws are another reason for the saliva getting accumulated at the corners of the mouth.

7)      Habit of licking the lips involuntarily.

8)      Incessant vomiting bouts.

9)      Extremely cold weather.

Out of the home remedies available to treat and cure angular cheilitis, baking soda is a prominently used remedy. In chemical terminology baking soda is known as Sodium Bicarbonate. It is preferred over the others because it is economical, available easily and mostly found in each household by default. On top of that baking soda can be used in various ways to combat Angular Cheilitis. Following are the ways in which baking soda could be used:

a)      Prepare a facial scrub by adding a little baking soda in water and apply the solution to your face twice a day-let the solution remain on the face for 5 minutes and then wash it of with lukewarm water and finally wipe the moisture with a fresh towel or a fresh and previously unused paper napkin. This treatment will leave the skin smoother and will alleviate any further cracks.

b)      Use of baking soda will kill bacteria – you could mix a pinch of baking soda in your bathing tub or bucket to kill any present bacteria instantly.

c)       If you have scary lesions on the oral area, put a pinch of baking soda on to them and allow the powder to remain for an hour or so.

d)      Regular use of baking soda used as a dusting option will remove smells and acne rapidly.

Having said this, some researchers argue that baking soda will not help cure the Angular Cheilitis in any way-they add that baking soda at the most could help as a partial pain reliever.