Best Treatment for Angular Cheilitis Cure

Angular Cheilitis is an embarrassing and painful skin disorder which is caused mainly due to malnutrition apart from many other reasons such as:

1)      Vitamin B-12 Deficiency.

2)      Infection due to consuming yeast.

3)      Iron Deficiency.

4)      Improper dentures.

5)      People with shifted jaws due to paralysis.

The lesions and cracks on the corners of your mouth are so clearly visible that people around you will keep staring at you. While you are already feeling low due to the cracks, the constant observance by others will make you feel even more embarrassed. You will never feel like going out and meeting your friends again. Your sexual life could take a severe hit if your partner misunderstands. Some may even tell you that the symptom looks like one in case of Sexually Transmitted Disease, cold sores or even HIV, which could be yet another reason for depression. This is just awfully wrong information. In addition to this, you have pain while opening and closing your mouth, pain and burning sensation when your own finger, liquid or solid food touches the cracks. When there is a crack on the lower lip, any food or liquid intake hurts. Lip sores and wounds or lesions oozing blood are especially frightening. You may even have a whitish coating on your tongue.

The people around you will scare you and the normal tendency is to worry about the ailment. One needs to keep in mind that this is not a condition emerging out of any skin disease.

Tired of all this, you are bound to seek for a solution desperately. Instead of worrying, better see a doctor who will tell you the exact nature and the extent of your problem. You may also have a look at the precautions which have been listed out in the following spaces:


1)      Keep the area near your mouth dry and clean by using a tissue paper or a paper napkin. Cleaner the are, less are the chances of your getting an infect such as Angular Cheilitis.

2)      Eat well and adopt a balanced diet rather than getting attracted to fast food.

3)      Brushing your teeth after every meal is a good habit, this way the areas near your mouth also are cleaned automatically.

4)      Keep away from sugary foods as far as possible-sugar helps bacteria to build up its empire around the affected areas.

5)      Meet your dentist and ensure that the dentures have been correctly fitted.

We also suggest you to go through the experiences Jason White went through as he suffered due to Angular Cheilitis for almost 10 years and then did a lot of research on the alternative medicines. He then jotted down a definitive and fast treatment on his website: This website shows you how to eradicate Angular Cheilitis within a relatively short period of time, by using inexpensive alternate remedies, avoid doctors’ fees,  expensive creams, ointments, antibiotics etc. which will give a you a lot of side effects. After you have treated yourself with the medication suggested by him you will be able to mingle with your relatives, friends and colleagues without any inferiority complex. The angular cheilitis will not bother you anymore and your skin around the mouth will look normal again.