Baking Soda for Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is known to be very painful due to the cracks on the corners of the mouth and lesions in the vicinity of the mouth. Any shape you may want your mouth to take, it will only result in more and more pain and you will keep worrying as to what could be the exact cause of the problem. You try to speak, eat, drink or even touch the affected area with your fingers you shall experience excruciating pain which may subside soon after you close your mouth. At times there could be mild bleeding from the lesions or cracks also.

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Angular cheilitis is basically a fungal infection or a bacterial infection or a combination of both. Some of the causes could be listed as follows:

1)      Vitamin Deficiency: Wrong eating habits such as untimely food in-take and choice of fast food or poverty-stricken people especially the kids are more affected.

2)      Iron Deficiency: Non-awareness of the nutritional value in the ingested food where the important elements such as iron are completely neglected.

3)      Dehydration: People who do not drink enough water for a long period of time. Water content in the body is very essential and people who hardly drink water till they are very thirsty are the ones who get dehydrated.

4)      Improper dentures: If the dentures are not correctly fitted the saliva oozes from the corner of the mouth and that can be a breeding ground for the bacteria.

5)      Existing diabetes condition.

6)      Victim of Paralysis: Drooling mouth and shifted jaws are another reason for the saliva getting accumulated at the corners of the mouth.

7)      Habit of licking the lips involuntarily.

8)      Incessant vomiting bouts.

9)      Extremely cold weather.

Out of the home remedies available to treat and cure angular cheilitis, baking soda is a prominently used remedy. In chemical terminology baking soda is known as Sodium Bicarbonate. It is preferred over the others because it is economical, available easily and mostly found in each household by default. On top of that baking soda can be used in various ways to combat Angular Cheilitis. Following are the ways in which baking soda could be used:

a)      Prepare a facial scrub by adding a little baking soda in water and apply the solution to your face twice a day-let the solution remain on the face for 5 minutes and then wash it of with lukewarm water and finally wipe the moisture with a fresh towel or a fresh and previously unused paper napkin. This treatment will leave the skin smoother and will alleviate any further cracks.

b)      Use of baking soda will kill bacteria – you could mix a pinch of baking soda in your bathing tub or bucket to kill any present bacteria instantly.

c)       If you have scary lesions on the oral area, put a pinch of baking soda on to them and allow the powder to remain for an hour or so.

d)      Regular use of baking soda used as a dusting option will remove smells and acne rapidly.

Having said this, some researchers argue that baking soda will not help cure the Angular Cheilitis in any way-they add that baking soda at the most could help as a partial pain reliever.