Angular Chelitis Home Remedies

Angular Chelitis is caused due to bacterial infection and as a result the corners of mouth get cracks or lesions which are painful to touch. When any substance, be it food, liquid or even your own finger touches that area, you will experience burning sensation and pain. The reason is that the skin near the mouth opens up a bit and tiny wounds are visible. At times the lips get cracked are equally painful to touch. These are not blisters but small scars which really make you wince while opening and closing your mouth. At times movement of lips is so painful that your eyes will start watering due to sudden pain or burning. This is not a contagious disease contrary to the popular belief. The fears or rumors are not completely baseless, as syphilis and AIDS have similar symptoms. It must also be remembered that Angular Cheilitis is not a life-threatening disease.

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Causes: Vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition are known to cause Angular Cheilitis.


1)      Keep the vicinity of mouth dry and clean.

2)      Rinse the area with hand-wash liquid and soak it dry using a paper tissue or paper napkin. Apply Vaseline or any antiseptic cream.

3)      Brush your teeth after you have your food (and you will naturally rinse your mouth and skin around the mouth)

4)      Reduce intake of sugar and foods or fruits containing sugar. Alcohol should be avoided completely since the brews have large sugar content.

5)      Keep away from foods using yeast. As we all know, yeast is a kind fungus and can increase or aggravate symptoms of Angular Cheilitis if already present.

6)      Avoid junk or fast foods.

7)      People wearing dentures should make sure that the dentures are a perfect fit. This will help in a way you can not imagine.

Home Remedies:

The nature has provided us with plenty of home remedies which are easy to use and are inexpensive in the first place. These home remedies do not have any side-effects and thus are safe for use by any human being, irrespective of the age group they belong too.

1)      Take Vitamin B12 supplements regularly. It does not harm you in any way.

2)      Apply Vitamin E gel whenever possible to leave the lesions softer. Petroleum Gel could also very useful when applied over the affected areas-the application will prevent the cracks developing in other adjoining areas.

3)      If possible take Zinc and Iron supplements.

4)      Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the lesions. Intake of Aloe Vera juice can also be of great use.

5)      Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are extremely useful and purify the blood.

6)      Drink plenty of water and keep your system sufficiently hydrated. The presence of enough water will obviate many health problems including Angular Cheilitis.

7)      Maintain a balanced diet all along and the chances of getting affected with Angular Cheilitis will be minimized.

8)       Rub a slice of onion on the affected areas to find quick relief from lesions and cuts.

9)      The bedroom should be properly humidified.

Just by adopting the above tips, you could easily prevent agony that can be caused by Angular Cheilitis effectively.