Angular Cheilitis Vs Herpes

According to medical fraternity there is no connection between Angular Cheilitis and Herpes. We need to mention here that since the symptoms of both infections are somewhat similar, it is often misleading to non-medicos. The correct diagnosis can be done only by medical professionals.

The major difference between these two ailments is that Herpes is a viral infection whereas angular Cheilitis can be either due to a fungus infection or a bacterial infection or an effect of both.

If we talk about symptoms, in Angular Cheilitis, people develop cracks on the corners of mouth, there are some lesions in the area of the mouth. This infection is known to be as a result of mal-nutrition, deficiencies of Vitamin B and iron and other important nutrients over a period of time. Other causes are loose fitting dentures, yeast infection, people having a habit of licking their lips involuntarily, people who have diabetes or hepatitis and drooling mouth area, those who are suffering from paralytic stroke with a shifted jaw. Angular Cheilitis can affect you in extremely cold weather conditions. Accumulation of saliva near the corners of the mouth increases the danger of spreading of bacteria or fungus involving Angular Cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis is not anyway related to sexually transmitted disease where as Herpes is. The symptoms of Herpes are cold sores and fever blisters. The patient will develop a cracked lip which burns like fire. A spot may appear on the lip too. Herpes is very contagious when body fluids of the affected persons come in contact with other healthy persons.

Angular Cheilitis is normally treated with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial creams depending upon each case. Some doctors recommend application of Vaseline for offering fluid relief to the painful cracks around the corners of your mouth.  They are also recommended to in-take essential vitamin supplements and asked to keep themselves well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The sooner Angular Cheilitis is treated, the faster you will be accepted in the society and there will be a lesser chance of social rejection.

Herpes needs to be treated quickly before allowing the virus to gain a firm ground within the body and it starts weakening the natural body resistance. One important thing that the patient should watch is resist the desire to touch the cold sore which has erupted due to herpes, by hand; this is the route herpes infection could take to proceed and spread to other parts of the body and in effect affect some one else who may be healthy. Here too the sores on the lips would make you less confident and give you an unhealthy look resulting in people around you talking about the ailment, which would certainly compel them to keep a distance from you for their own safety. Those people who have not done any sexual act out of ordinary need not worry about having contacted Herpes.

For both these infections, homeopathy promises to offer adequate treatment which will supposedly eradicate the disease from its root cause. In Indian scenario, Ayurveda also promises permanent solution to both these ailments.

We hope that we have enlightened you on the difference in Angular Cheilitis and Herpes to a reasonable level and that you will not be mistaken about the symptoms.