Angular Cheilitis OTC Over-the –counter medicines for Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a clinical name for an infection which affects corners of your mouth forming lesions and cracks in that area. Cracked and/or chapped lips may also be visible due to which lips have intense burning  sensation as if lips are on fire. Mild bleeding may occur in some cases. Angular Cheilitis can either be a bacterial infection or a fungal infection or both. The lips can become dry and may be covered with scaly outer skin which may foliate and bleed occasionally. The cracked corners of the mouth would be painful to such an extent that when you try to open your mouth to speak, eat or drink, you would get tears in your eyes. In addition, with the crack appearing in the vicinity of your mouth, you certainly look unattractive. People around you would think about it and talk-this will drive you to despair.

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Causes of angular cheilitis: Dehydration, ill-fitting dentures, vitamin deficiency, involuntary habit of licking of lips and extremely cold weather. Weak immune system can also cause angular cheilitis. The angular cheilitis can affect people with all ages. Persons suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and people having habit of pooling of saliva around your mouth can also develop angular cheilitis. Deficiencies of iron and vitamin B-12 are also known to cause Angular Cheilitis.

Like most other ailments, there are many over-the-counter medications which can be used to combat outbreak of Angular Cheilitis. The only precaution needed is these should be used on doctor’s advice only.

Over-the –counter medicines:

1)      Petroleum Jelly: This is recommended often for Angular Cheilitis. It should be applied liberally on the affected areas. It is even more useful before venturing out in cold and dry weather. The application provides a layer to your lips which protects your lips from extreme climates effectively.

2)      Aquafor: This ointment should be applied gently on the skin for obtaining relief from angular cheilitis.

3)      Hydrocortisone 1 %: Apply this to the angles of your mouth but please ensure that it does not get into your mouth even by accident.

4)      Vitamin E Oil: This oil will be seen to be working wonderfully if you are suffering from Angular Cheilitis.

5)      Olive Oil: If you are unable to find Vitamin E Oil, then just a drop of Olive oil would come handy.

6)      Nystatin: Ointments containing this topical ingredient can be easily found at any chemist shop.

7)      Clotrimazole:  This is another useful ointment which will offer immediate relief from symptoms of Angular Cheilitis.

8)      Econazole: Use this cream by applying it twice a day on corners of your mouth and allow it to stay so that it does its action properly.

9)      Turmeric: In Indian scenario, you could use any cream made up using Turmeric as its primary ingredient. Turmeric is very effective on many skin disorders including Angular Cheilitis.

10)   Last but not the least: Water can not be classified as an Over the counter remedy, but actually it is so very useful in treatment of Angular Cheilitis. Keeping yourself hydrated is the an important step while treating Angular Cheilitis with any method you may choose.