Angular Cheilitis Natural Remedies

 How will you know that you are suffering from Angular Cheilitis? Do you have cracks, lesions or cuts at the corners of your mouth? Do you have a cracked lip or a cut on them? Surely then, you have this situation called Angular Cheilitis. No, there is no reason to panic- This skin disorder is ugly to look at but certainly not fatal or life threatening. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not even related to or on account of herpes, cold soars or HIV.

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Known causes are Malnutrition, insufficient supply of iron and important vitamins, ill-fitting dentures or other health conditions such as diabetes, paralysis to name a few. We have some very simple natural remedies for you which will solve your problems and reduce your anxiety.

1)      As a first step cut down sugar from your diet as much as possible.

2)      Keep the area near your mouth clean and dry, as wet or moist skin is the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria-a known cause of Angular Cheilitis.

3)      Rinse your mouth after every food in-take with water and better still gargle with any medicated mouthwash.

4)      Pierce a hole in a vitamin E capsule, apply it on the lesion directly and let it remain for a while-applying it before going to bed is recommended.

5)      Make a mixture of Baking Soda with coconut oil or Vaseline and apply it on the cuts at night.

6)      Daily intake of Vitamin B will be of immense help too.

7)      Increase in-take of water to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

8)      Tea Tree Oil is an effective medicine as it is anti-bacterial and disposes off any bacteria present on the skin. Apply this directly on the affected skin.

9)      Application of olive oil on the affected skin will reduce the sores and cuts to a great extent.

10)   If you are using dentures, make sure that they are properly fitted. If not saliva could be accumulating in the area of your mouth and can give rise to angular cheilitis. See your dentist right away and let him correct the issue. If the dentures are removable, soak them in any antiseptic solution every night. Use mouthwash before and after removing the dentures.

11)   Application of lip balms will provide relief to the burning lips, though it would be a temporary measure.

12)   Some people bite their nails or a host of other objects as a habit-stop this dangerous habit completely.

13)   Junk or fast foods have plenty of fats and should be stopped if you are suffering from angular cheilitis off and on. Switch on to a healthy diet. Add plenty of green vegetables and fruits (as these contain the necessary nutrients) to your diet and resist the onset of angular cheilitis before it attacks you. Throw out anything in your diet that is known to be made using yeast.

14)   People in many countries can and have been using herbal remedies which are perfectly natural for ages and are known to be very effective.

From the above discussion, it will be seen in how many different ways, we could fight angular cheilitis and that too safely.