Angular Cheilitis in Children Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a very common ailment-it is an infection which affects people either due to bacteria or fungus or both. In adults angular cheilitis is found due to prevailing diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments and paralysis. It is also due to ill-fitting dentures at times.

In children however, the main cause of angular cheilitis is on account of malnutrition. 90% of the children are suffering from angular cheilitis due to insufficient diet, lack of good and healthy food, less supply of vitamins and vital nutrients. On global basis, we will see a large percentage of children getting affected in under-developed or developing countries where poverty is a big threat.

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If and when the children are born in a poor family, it is a curse in itself. The normal scenario is that children are given birth with no proper conditions to bring them up, parents struggling to manage two square meals and lack of education to parents and children alike. It is a pathetic situation when you notice that these under privilaged children are not aware of the problems they would face while growing up under these difficult and testing conditions.

It is worth visiting a doctor as soon as the symptoms of angular cheilitis are noticed incase of children. If such things are delayed or postponed, a minor infection can lead to more severe skin infections.


1)      Cracks appearing on one or both sides of the mouth which look dry and patchy in composure. The child may experience difficulty while opening or closing the mouth. It might be extremely difficult for the child to eat, drink or even talk.

2)      Oral area will turn reddish and sores would appear in the vicinity of the mouth. The child’s lips will look unusually red and slightly swollen and puffy.

3)      Mild bleeding may occur in isolated spots which may occasionally burn. The child will wince and scream because of the pain which at times will be unbearable.


1)      Poor Hygiene: Children play in the soil and unclean areas and contact infections quickly. They are unaware of the problems their playful mind can create and the parents can not provide continuous attention to them. They play in mud and soiled water which brings infections quickly to their sensitive and delicate skin.

2)      Vitamin and minerals deficiency: Many children are not getting proper supply of vitamins such as E, B2, B6 and B12. In the food they are provided with, they lack Iron and Zinc too. All these vital elements which ensure proper growth in children bring about are missing and their whole childhood is riddled with innumerable problems. The parents who are aware would certainly try to obviate such trying conditions for their children but the same can not be said about the parents who are not educated and are poor.

There is no reason to panic as many natural remedies are available to cure the affected children diagnosed with Angular Cheilitis.

Simply do the following:

1)      Consult a doctor. Doctor will naturally prescribe the vitamins and ointments essential to combat the ailment.

2)      Let the child drink plenty of water.

3)      Keep their oral area clean.

4)      Make the child eat fruits, green vegetables in the form he likes. Raw vegetables are most recommended. Boost their immunity by feeding them with whole grain foods, so that there is a constant supply of carbohydrates.

5)      Do not allow the child to consume fast food and spicy recipes.

6)      Brush their teeth properly and keep the areas near their mouth clean and dry.

The aforesaid discussion would help you maintain their health and they will not fall victims to such infections.