Angular Cheilitis FAQ

The following are the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS in respect of Angular Cheilitis:-

1)      Is Angular Cheilitis Contagious?: No, it is not contagious. The symptoms of Angular Cheilitis are similar to the symptoms associated with AIDS, Cold Sores and hence one can be easily mistaken.

2)      What is Angular Cheilitis?: Angular Cheilitis is an infection caused by bacteria residing in the corners of the mouth due to dampness in the area.

3)      Is Angular Cheilitis occur due to HIV?: There is no connection between Angular Cheilitis and HIV, though the symptoms are almost similar.

4)      Could Angular Cheilitis be cured using Neosporin?: People ask if Neosporin is helpful in the treatment of Angular Cheilitis? Answer is NO. Do not be your own doctor-Use Neosporin Ointment only when recommended by a doctor.

5)      Can Vitamin B cure Angular Cheilitis? : A lot of researchers over the years have maintained that Angular Cheilitis is caused by Vitamin B deficiency. Recently a group proved that this is not exactly the case. Opinions differ but one thing is certain-Vitamin B certainly ensures overall good health and builds up body resistance to fight a lot of ailments.

6)      Is Vitamin Deficiency a cause of Angular Cheilitis?: Yes, Vitamin deficiency does play a big role in inviting Angular Cheilitis. Vitamins are found in nutritious food that we eat. For various reasons, it is possible that food that we consume may not be complete with nutrients that our body needs and hence we are required to take additional vitamins which provide the essential vitamins. In any case vitamins supplements will do more good than harm to our system. If it is possible we could consume those foods can provide natural vitamins-for instance, citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C. Regular consumption of these fruits would normally take care of our Vitamin C requirement.

7)      Does Anti-fungal Cream work on Angular Cheilitis?: At times the anti-fungal creams, though known to be effective temporarily for curing most skin troubles, may actually aggravate angular cheilitis. The simple reason being, the infection may not really be a fungal infection and could be due to some other reason. On the other hand, if the angular cheilitis is a fungal infection, anti-fungal cream may actually work. That is why it is of paramount importance to consult a doctor and follow his advice rather than experimenting ourselves.

8)      What is the effect of Clotrimazole  while treating Angular Cheilitis?: Here again, Clotrimazole, which is basically an over-the-counter ointment, may work on angular cheilitis, in case the infection is indeed a fungal infection. It may not work if the infection is a bacterial one or a culmination of both fungal and bacterial infections.

9)      Can Angular Cheilitis spread?: No, it would not spread as would be the expected fear- in order to ensure safety, it is better to avoid contact to the best possible extent. In fact if you are suffering from angular cheilitis, the lesions will drive people away from you and try to avoid any physical contact.

10)   DO you get scars if you are suffering from Angular Cheilitis:  Scars which occur due to angular cheilitis may vanish but may re-occur if the diet is not improved upon. What is important is that the scar should be kept dry and clean at all times.

11)   Whaqt is role of vitamins in Angular Cheilitis? Researchers have come to a conclusion that lack of vitamins are one of the causes and proper  healthy diet, clean and hygienic life style coupled with supply of vitamins will prevent angular cheilitis.

12)   How to cure Angular Cheilitis in pregnancy: Application of lip balm is the first thing you should do. In addition, you may try to avoid excessive salt and sugar which are in any case not recommended during pregnancy.

13)   Does Vaseline have any effect on Angular Cheilitis: Vaseline could be applied on the lesions without any tensions. It not only softens the area but reduces chapped nature of the lips and works as a lubricant on the affected areas.