Angular Cheilitis Cure with Nystatin

A skin infection due to which cracks are developed on the corners of your mouth is termed as Angular Cheilitis. Initially the skin becomes dry and slowly cracks develop. These cracks can turn into lesions which may modify into blisters if not treated in time. There would be sharp stabbing pain when you open or close your mouth for talking, eating or drinking. The pain may subside when the mouth is closed but the feeling of pain continues for a while. In addition to this, the lips may be chapped, scaly or develop a crack in the center which burns terribly. Gradually the blisters may develop pus in them-this is a very delicate condition as it involves the mouth which is used for intake of food, water and other beverages. You will shudder to think that the mouth which is being used for eating or drinking has blisters on it, possibly with pus, which itself sounds unhealthy and ugly.

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Apart from the pain and agony arising out of the infection, it is your own family and the society which looks at you strangely and with suspicion. The reason for their suspicion is not completely unwarranted because somewhat similar symptoms may be seen if one has contacted HIV and people naturally imagine such things first. There would be a lot of advices and the immediate thing one should do is consult a doctor who only could identify the real problem and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Earlier Fungicidin used to be prescribed to treat most fungal infections and yeast infections. Of late the same drug has been named Nystatin. Nystatin is known to be toxic and has been formulated for oral consumption and for external application in the form of cream on infected skin. Some researchers maintain that it should not be administered to infants aged less than a month. On the brighter side, Nystatin has used for a bunch of fungal infections with encouraging results when administered orally and has not been known to create any complications while it kills the fungi. Many formulations are available around the globe with different brand names by different companies. Nystatin is available for use in the form of tablets, capsules, liquid, powder, lozenges and cream suitable for various applications. Angular cheilitis patients can use this drug with doctor’s advice to combat this irritable skin infection. One has to be careful not to exceed its use more than the prescribed dosage.

It will not be out of place to mention that along with this line of treatment, the following important measures must be adhered to:

1)      Good oral and overall hygiene. Do not allow saliva to accumulate in the vicinity of your mouth by keeping the area dry. Use soft tissues to absorb it.

2)      Consuming healthy food. Adding fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet.

3)      Stop licking your lips.

4)      Take supplements of B 12 and iron.

5)      Make sure your dentures are properly fitted.

6)      Avoid foods know to be containing yeast.

With the above care and administration of Nystatin, your symptoms of Angular Cheilitis would disappear quickly.