Angular Cheilitis Canesten

Angular cheilitis is an irritating skin condition which bothers the patient for the entire period it exists. The pain it slaps on you is at times bearable but not the looks you get from the people around you. Perhaps, the people make you constantly aware that you have this particular infection because your face shows it. The signs are evident-for instance, cracks or lesions around the corners of the mouth, chapped lips, scaly and dry skin near the mouth etc. bleeding from lesions, redness around the oral area and pus formation-if this condition develops then the face looks very ugly. Vertical split on the lips is another painful symptom which troubles you each time you try to eat or drink. Mere touch with your finger can also be painful.

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There are many causes such as dribbling of saliva over a long period of time, incessant cold weather, vitamin B-12 and iron deficiency, loosely fitting dentures, habit of licking the lips with your tongue, unhealthy food habits, less than sufficient in-take of water, diabetes and paralysis and other problems associated with old age. In children, angular cheilitis could be mainly due to malnutrition and unhealthy living conditions. Yeast is another possible cause of angular cheilitis infection. In this article, we are going to study the line of treatment of Angular Cheilitis due to Yeast with the help of Canesten.

The brand Canesten Cream 2% Thrush 20gms is considered to be very effective in treatment of Angular Cheilitis in addition to its ability to act in treating many other skin conditions. The formulation of Canesten is based on Clotrimazole and is essentially an anti-fungal cream. It works equally in men, women and children alike. The action of 2% is better than 1% in most conditions. It arrests the overgrowth of fungi due to yeast intake resulting in skin diseases affecting many areas of the body. Even the chronic presence of angular cheilitis also has been cured after use of this cream, that too swiftly. The patients have reported that the cracks and the redness vanished in a span of three days. It is however advisable to continue its use for yet   another week to ensure that there is no re-occurrence of the infection. Another patient has mentioned that this cream be used as an external application and it should be supplemented with some oral medication which can act against yeast related infection. Of course, it goes without saying that any treatment that is chosen should be with your doctor’s approval to avoid having some other problems at a later date. It may be of use to the potential buyers of this cream to know that this product is manufactured by Bayer, Germany. If the symptoms persist, it may be best to change the course of treatment after consulting a dermatologist.

If you do not wish to be a victim of angular cheilitis, make sure that you observe the following:

1)      Eat healthy foods. Diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.

2)      Drink sufficient water.

3)      Do not lick your lips.

4)      Keep the oral area clean by using a fresh tissue each time you feel that there is accumulation of saliva.

5)      Add vitamin supplement like B-12 and iron.

6)      Use proper dentures.

7)      Avoid consuming food consisting yeast.

8)      Visit the doctor if you see any unnatural development near your mouth.